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Msgbox patch fail 2 mta

Installed to use MTA:SA, it does not support any other versions. How clients access controller resources and communicate with the robot controller. (Error 14001: The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect. Installing a Hotfix is quite easy: 1.

Scripting] Many serverside element functions are incompatible with peds (Jax) - resolved. GUI / Menus / Console] setCursorPosition may move the cursor outside the gta window (lil_Toady) - resolved. General] Players are sometimes spawning at 0,0,0 under the map, player strobes/warps as falling (Jax) - resolved. General] Sometimes people sprinting on foot are warped back to previous position constantly (Jax) - resolved. Scripting] Client-side getMarkerColor returns the colors reversed (Jax) - resolved.

Scripting] createMarker RGB arguments are reversed (Jax) - resolved. General] Crash: 0x****3CC7 (Jax) - resolved.

Запуск и настройка подключения к серверам MTA San Andreas

Scripting] setResourceInfo does not accept nil as a value (Jax) - resolved. Scripting] Some serverside ped functions don't work (Jax) - resolved. Scripting] setMarkerType makes cylinder markers loose their alpha values (Jax) - resolved. GUI / Menus / Console] request: setCursorPosition (lil_Toady) - resolved.

сервера майнкрафт с магией без модов

Scripting] Serverside setPedRotation doesn't work (Jax) - resolved. General] setMarkerType crashes the client (Jax) - resolved.

Scripting] Make xmlNodeGetAttributes return { key = value } instead of { i = key } (lil_Toady) - resolved. GUI / Menus / Console] request: postGUI parameter for all dx functions (lil_Toady) - resolved. Scripting] make loadMapData not take into account the first xml node and saveMapData only save children of the specified parent element (lil_Toady) - resolved.

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Scripting] Server side created radar areas are always red if no alpha is specified (Jax) - resolved. Weapons] Crash: 0x00738B64 (Jax) - resolved.

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Scripting] request: setPedRotation serverside (Jax) - resolved. GUI / Menus / Console] Crash with the server browser (Jax) - resolved. General] createMarker crashes the client (Jax) - resolved. Vehicles] Crash just when any explosion happens (Jax) - resolved.

Запуск и настройка подключения к серверам MTA San Andreas

Scripting] Add functions for adjusting the FPS limiter (lil_Toady) - resolved. Weapons] giveWeapon often has no effect (Jax) - resolved. Synchronization] Rotation of remote players is 90° to 180° off (Jax) - resolved. Scripting] request: xmlNodeGetName / xmlNodeSetName (lil_Toady) - resolved. General] Crash if you drown while being on foot (Jax) - resolved. Scripting] request: xmlNodeGetAttributes (lil_Toady) - resolved. General] Instant crash on join (Jax) - resolved. Vehicles] Players can get stuck and desynced in vehicles if they try to exit them (Jax) - resolved.

General] Client colshapes don't trigger hit/leave events anymore (Jax) - resolved. Scripting] All client functions are gone (IJs) - resolved. Scripting] request: add setResourceInfo (lil_Toady) - resolved. Scripting] Add showChat server-side (lil_Toady) - resolved. Scripting] request: add get/setRadarAreaColor,get/setRadarAreaSize clientside (lil_Toady) - resolved. Scripting] request: add clothes funcs client side (lil_Toady) - resolved. Security] fileDelete is not restricted by ModifyOtherObjects (lil_Toady) - resolved.

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Vehicles] Drivers or passengers of a Leviathan may stop synching to others until they get out (Jax) - resolved. Scripting] request: add a fileDelete (lil_Toady) - resolved. General] Nametag doesn't update when a player changes his name (lil_Toady) - resolved. General] Add ability to freeze automatic clock advancement for realtime (lil_Toady) - resolved. Vehicles] Aborting a car jacking makes the driver unable to get out or being jacked again (Jax) - resolved.

Vehicles] When jacking a passenger while entering a car to get to the driver seat, desync can be caused (Jax) - resolved. Vehicles] Occupied vehicle damage is not properly synced (Jax) - resolved. Vehicles] Passengers get thrown out of the vehicle randomly (Jax) - resolved. Scripting] request: getColorFromString client-side (aru) - resolved. Synchronization] Remote hydra/hunter rockets fly in opposite direction (lil_Toady) - resolved. General] Stopping the script responsible for the vehicle you are in desyncs you (Jax) - resolved.

Не могу вывести в MsgBox значение переменной - MS Access

General] make it close the chatbox input when chatbox is being hidden (Jax) - resolved. Vehicles] Vehicles don't properly explode anymore (Jax) - resolved. Weapons] Rockets/missiles don't collide with anything locally and go backwards for remote players (Jax) - resolved. Map Editor] The map editor button in the main menu checks for the existance of a wrong resource (aru) - resolved. Vehicles] weird vehicle handling (Jax) - resolved. Scripting] isElementOnScreen doesnt work with pickups (Jax) - resolved. General] Assert with setCameraTarget(getLocalPlayer) (Jax) - resolved. Scripting] Serverside setElementModel does not work with peds (Jax) - resolved.

General] More problems relating recently created elements that don't appear until you move your camera (Jax) - resolved.

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General] When you join, existing map objects aren't shown until you change their position (Jax) - resolved. Scripting] Serverside attachElementToElement does not work for peds (Jax) - resolved. Scripting] Changing corona markers to another marker type changes their color (Jax) - resolved. Synchronization] Blowing unoccupied vehicles leaves them non-blackened and burning (Jax) - resolved. General] Dieing by a car explosion standing on it's hood crashes the client (Jax) - resolved.

Scripting] Passing "nil" as the value for xmlNodeSetAttribute does nothing (Jax) - resolved.

Инструкция по установке и настройке MTA San Andreas 131

Vehicles] The damage proof attribute of vehicles is not sent to connecting players (Jax) - resolved. Scripting] Client crash with getElementModel when used with objects (Jax) - resolved. Scripting] getElementRotation returns 360-rotZ for players (Jax) - resolved. Vehicles] Client-side createVehicle doesn't create the vehicle until you move your camera (Jax) - resolved. Scripting] Serverside getVehiclePlateText crashes on vehicles with random plate (Peter) - resolved.

Scripting] request: getVehicleType (Peter) - resolved. Scripting] request: textDisplayIsObserver, textDisplayGetObservers (Peter) - resolved. Scripting] matchingDimension param in onMarkerHit always returns false (Peter) - resolved. General] Trains cannot enter/exit Los Santos (1st city) (Peter) - resolved. Scripting] getVehicleLightState is broken (Peter) - resolved.

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GUI / Menus / Console] Script debug inteferes with GUI. General] If you respawn while jacking neither you or the guy you been jacking can enter the car (Jax) - resolved. General] /ceguitext 1 makes nametags very large (Jax) - resolved. Scripting] setElementData sets data on element's children (Jax) - resolved. Scripting] setPlayerSkin points the player camera North (again) (Jax) - resolved. General] Pickups are not removed in some interiors (Peter) - resolved.

Weapons] Bullets go straight when shooting up with a handgun (when not aiming) (Jax) - resolved. Synchronization] Interpolation in un-occupied vehicle sync has caused trailers to not be pull-able. Synchronization] Streamed in dead players are alive but die about 2-3 seconds after streamin (Jax) - resolved. General] dead bodies block your path (Jax) - resolved. Synchronization] Local and Remote player elements that reach 0HP dont get killed untill 2-3 seconds later (Jax) - resolved.

серийный номер дальнобойщики 3 покорение америки активация

General] setElementVelocity doesn't work for objects (Jax) - resolved. Scripting] onplayerwasted and onplayerdamage not reporting attacker (Jax) - resolved. Scripting] Add an event for detecting stealth kills (Jax) - resolved. Synchronization] Sync instant knife kill (targeting player and slicing from behind with knife) (Jax) - resolved. Scripting] Add 'clock' parameter for showPlayerHudComponent (Peter) - resolved.

General] You get kicked for cheating getting Enforcer's armour (Peter) - resolved.

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