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Teso patch notes

In ESO, I dread them every damn time. On en profite au passage pour féliciter Louis. The size of this patch is approximately 417 MB in size. On en profite au passage pour féliciter Louis.

This ability now heals you instantly, rather than requiring a channel time. Spiked Bone Shield (Bone Shield morph): This ability’s damage return has been slightly increased. Charging Maneuver: This ability now properly adds Weapon Damage.

PTS Patch Notes v16

Reach I: Fixed an issue where Reach I was granting slightly more range than was intended. Fixed an issue where the Battle Resurrection was improperly usable outside of Cyrodiil. Reduced Battle Resurrection’s Cast Speed Reduction passive. Those who have spent Skill Points in the Battle Resurrection passive will have those points returned to their overall skill point pool. You may place those Skill Points back in this ability if you wish, or invest them elsewhere.

Adroitness Set: This set now properly grants magicka recovery. Crest of Cyrodiil Set: This set now reduces your enemy target’s healing taken on melee hit by 33%. Curse Eater Set: This set will now properly reduce the duration negative effects. Death’s Wind Set: This set’s knockback effect will no longer apply irregularly. Hist Bark Set: This set’s dodge effect will now properly apply while blocking.

The Elder Scrolls Online Patch Notes - Patch 269

Hunding’s Rage: Fixed an issue where this set was not increasing weapon damage by the intended amount. Kyne’s Kiss Set: This set’s snare effect will now properly triggering with the Arrow Spray and Volley abilities. Nightshade Set: This set will now correctly reduce the stamina cost of sneaking. Nikulas’ Heavy Armor Set: This set will now properly reflect spell projectiles. Oblivion’s Edge Set: This set will now properly returning soul gems on resurrect.

Prayer Shawl Set: This set’s damage shield now has the correct value, instead of zero. Ranger’s Gait Set: This set will now properly reduce the effectiveness of incoming snares. Robes of Onslaught Set: This set will now properly reduce the duration of snare effects. Soulshine Set: This set’s bonus will now correctly apply to projectile spells that have a cast time. Spectre’s Eye Set: Fixed an issue with the Spectre’s Eye item set where it was giving a greater dodge chance than stated in the tooltip.

Torug’s Pact Set: Fixed an issue with Torug’s Pact item set where it was reducing the cooldown of light and heavy attacks instead of enchantment procs.

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Whitestrake’s Retribution Set: Slightly reduced the set bonus duration. You will no longer see horses moving around without their riders. Horses will no longer slide on occasion after landing on the ground. You can no longer chop wood while mounted. Windhelm now has a Brewer, Cook, Cooking Fire, Messenger, Alchemist, Alchemy Table, Armor Smithing Table, and Shalidor.

TESO: Morrowind Patch Notes Set Official Forums on Fire

Numerous vendors have had their wares adjusted. They now sell veteran-appropriate items while you’re in veteran zones, and do not sell veteran gear while you’re not in a veteran zone. Extraction passive tooltips have been re-worded to better explain the benefits of upgrading the skills. Affects Blacksmith, Clothier, and Woodworker. Reduced the fee for listing items on the guild store.

Veteran Rank 1 and Veteran Rank 5 potions now have different prefixes in their name. Fixed an issue where Nirnroot harvest nodes would sometimes not yield any materials. It’s now possible to craft Veteran Rank 3 heavy chest pieces. The research icons and order in the Blacksmithing UI now match the creation list. Fixed an issue with multiple leather types dropping from the same monsters in Veteran content. It is now possible to craft level 44 leather chest pieces. Added additional runestone harvest nodes to all zones in the game.

We have reduced the variety of available essence runes in lower-level zones in order to improve chances of making a usable glyphs. We have adjusted Essence runestones so the rate at which they appear is in the world is more in line with other types of runestones. Slightly reduced the chance to receive a negative potency runestone while harvesting.

The Elder Scrolls Online Patch Notes - Patch 269

Fixed an issue where some Veteran Rank enchantment glyphs of different tiers shared the same name. Fixed an issue where multiple ranks of enchantment glyphs had the same level range, but different power levels. Updated the icons for Enchanting passive skills Aspect Improvement and Potency Improvement to more closely match their associated runestone shapes. The Absorb Stamina enchantment now correctly absorbs stamina when it’s triggered. Fixed an issue where potency runestone harvest nodes would sometimes give the incorrect level runestone. Fixed an issue where enchantments that increase potion effectiveness were not correctly stacking.

The value of the potion effectiveness enchants has been doubled. Fixed issues where potion effectiveness enchants were incorrectly increasing the effect of non-restoration potions.

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Recipe Improvement: Corrected a minor issue with this passive skill’s icon. Grape Brandy now properly functions as a drink instead of a food item. The number of usable cooking fires has been dramatically increased across all of Tamriel. No longer will you go hungry when traveling far from home. Improved the overall level progression for crafted shields between levels 14-26.

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Fixed an issue where some monsters dropped no loot. Dark Anchors now reward all participants with chests from Coldharbour. Delve bosses in Malabal Tor and Stormhaven no longer spawn as frequently. Delve bosses in Shadowfen now properly award achievement credit. Mother Snake is now slightly easier to defeat. Season of Harvest: Fixed an issue that could cause grouped players who were not on the correct quest step to have to fight their way back to the beginning of the area instead of being transported back to the start by Eveline Vette. Added an interruptible telegraph to boss abilities that can be interrupted.

Fixed an issue where Drodda’s Apprentice would still draw health from you, despite the ability being blocked.

PTS Patch Notes v16

Fixed an issue where Drodda’s Apprentice would occasionally spam the ability Dampen Magic. The Skeletal Fire Mage now has the intended difficulty. Fixed an issue where the ability Nusana’s Shed Flames would deal damage in an area larger than the telegraph. Fixed an issue where the Incineration Beetle would not turn to face its victim when casting the ability Mandible Bite. Fixed an issue where the Guardian Centurions would not always reset after your group died. All Veteran Dungeons are now accessible once you reach Veteran Rank 1. Note that the overall difficulty has not changed.

Fixed an issue where you could break the portal if you used /stuck as you were getting pulled in. Fixed an issue where a boss ability was missing its icon. Fixed issue where the boss would reset if the taunting player character is pulled into the Shadow Realm. Fixed an issue where Vorenor Winterbourne was partially visible when he should not have been. Fixed an issue where Praxin Douare’s adds did not have the intended difficulty. The boss, Maw of the Infernal, now requires you to be within melee range to hit him with melee attacks.

Fixed an issue where Kargand was not visible for those that weren’t on the quest. Fixed an issue where there was no portal out of the Daedric Realm until you killed Murklight.

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Fixed an issue where you would get stuck in the engine room after killing The Engine Guardian. Fixed an issue if you got locked out of the Engine Room as the fight starts, and were killed through the door. The boss will now properly reset if everyone inside the room is dead.

The Elder Scrolls Online Patch Notes - Patch 269

Fixed an issue where the quest ‘What Was Lost’ could break if whoever Shatasha is following logs out. Reduced the cost of all armor repairs. Fixed several issues with Fishing Achievements, including text errors, duplicate fish, tooltip information, and making unattainable Fishing Achievements achievable.

Fish no longer have a level requirement.

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